Trust administration is when the terms of the trust are carried out after the death of the trustor(s) by the successor trustee named in the trust. Trust administration, generally, takes place outside of the California court system.  There are notices the successor trustee is required to give to the beneficiaries, heirs, creditors, interested parties, and appropriate government agencies.  Generally the successor trustee collects trust assets,  pays debts, appraises trust assets, provides an accounting, files the necessary tax filing for the trustor(s) and trust, pays administrative costs (trustee and attorney fees), and distributes the remaining trust assets to the beneficiaries.

Along the way unexpected issues can arise in trust administration which require court involvement.  These issues often concern trust property, trustee(s), creditors, beneficiaries, distribution, and accounting.  If litigation or court proceedings are required, we can represent you in court.  We are here to help.  We have helped our clients with trust administration and litigation for many years. 

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Note: The above is general information and you should consult with our office to answer your questions concerning a particular trust, the administration of a trust, to create a trust or review your estate plan.